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    Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yog (SSKY), this name completely conveys the process and the goal of this sadhana. ‘Siddha’ stands for divine or top most, the top of head which is called ‘Sahasrara’ also called as ‘Siddha Kshetra’ and from their all the fluids of life are being secreted to nourish the body and provide energy to perform all the mundane activities. In scriptures it is named ‘Amrit’ while doctors & scientist name it hormones or juices and consider essential for life. ‘Surya’ as we all know is the ultimate source of energy and the basis of our this whole universe but in the body also we have an energy center located in naval region and that is also called as ‘Surya’ of the body. Normally, this sun or the energy center in the body is dormant or very dull so that body is unable to get rid of all the mud and muck and rather keep on storing it as a resultant of food and other intake through our sensory organs. Once awaken this sun may set all these garbage ablaze. And then this sun may not be limited to naval region only, it will rather expand to cover the whole body and will reach till the Siddha Kshetra in the crown of head. Then this heat will increase the secretion of nectar which in turn will further fuel up the heat so they both will feed each other. In this condition body will not require any food or alike from out side and would truly be called as self sufficient or ‘Poorna’ then this very body would transform into divine one and merge into that. But as we have seen this can not happen on its own but some action or ‘Kriya’ is required for that. This is what SSKY aims at, adjoining of Shiv & Shakti or Siddha Amrit & Surya through action ‘Kriya’. This may also be called as awakening and advancement of Kundalini.

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