30th March, 2011: Hundreds of throbbing hearts assembled on the morning of this rare, auspicious occasion, feeling benedict to be a part of the first rites of the Tripur Shiva Peetham. The anticipation of many days condensed today and soon the chants of the powerful mantras from the Vedas pulsated the atmosphere. The land which is to house the Divinity was on road to be awakened. The Bhoomi Pujan ceremony was not a come-and-go affair. It is still underway – lasting for 40 days in all – until the air, water, and the land of its environment are thoroughly sanctified and surcharged with Divine vibrations. This is essential for the Peetham is meant to be a living shrine where the Dhyana would chase an aspirant (rather than the other way round).

As Swami Suryendu Puri Ji describes, “One must know it is not just a temple where one would bow down and make wishes for worldly well-being, rather it is going to be a place fully charged with divine energy and spiritual vibrations which will help any devotee to travel inward with more ease and get connected with the Supreme Master; Dhyan should happen at once by merely entering this temple. For this purpose, first, the land is to be sanctified and hence a 40-day yajna is in progress and in addition, many sadhakas are practicing the esoteric Sri Vidya under the guidance of Maharaj Ji. At every level of the construction special ceremony/rituals will be performed to charge up the whole place – the idea being to provide a platform to those who are lost in the whirlpool of this world using which they can easily climb the path to the ultimate happiness, beyond all the misery and pains of this world.”