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Chanting Lords name in a family setting in UK

UK 25-14 June 2013, England. A universal fact is that parents become happy with the growth of their children. However, it is not just physical growth but also emotional and intellectual that makes them happy. Similarly, a Guru feels happy for his disciples as they progress spiritually. Of course, he is the one who sows the divine seed in the heart of a disciple and waters it regularly in form of mantra.

This April Raj and Shanta Sharma from UK, a devotee couple who had been inviting Maharaj Ji to UK for last two years, participated in Body Shaping Camp. It was first ever camp they were attending at ashram. Despite their old age and many physical limitations, they participated enthusiastically in each and every event there. Result was obvious, not only they both lost 5+ kilos of weight but also got rid of diabetes, blood pressure, varicose veins, joint pains, allergies and sleeplessness. Maharaj Ji was very happy for them and as he expressed this before them, they instantly asked for a reward. And the best reward they could ask for was that Maharaj Ji pays one more visit to them in UK in this summer itself. Considering their extreme love and devotion, Maharaj Ji could not turn down their wish.

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The visit was short as it was planned quickly and hence it was limited to London only. However, Satsang was organized every evening and apart from local devotees, many came from other countries too such as Italy, Lithuania and Poland. The focus of all the discussions was mainly to develop faith in God and in the self, which is essentially divine. There were so many questions about karma, naam (guru-mantra) jap, purposeful living, death, religiosity, righteousness etc. Many foreign devotees had questions related to Christianity as well. Maharaj Ji satisfied all their needs and aspirations. As usual, all the discussions were concluded with Ram-Dhun and the beauty and simplicity of this dhun left everyone mesmerized. The very composition forced the mind to gather from all the directions and enter within.