Truth Seekers in Surrey learnt the true power of Siddhamrita Surya Kriya Yog

18 June, Surrey. “When a disciple is ready, master appears”, this famous quote was not only properly understood but also appreciated by the aspirants in Surrey-Vancouver this evening as after many days Sun was shining bright in its glorious form. The session was conducted at Tarpinder Grewal’s house. Few days back when the program was scheduled, a few people were a little skeptical about Sun due to the uncertain weather condition. But the hosts were very hopeful as they knew it was a good cause they were celebrating. They invited as many people as they could. Many people who learnt about the event through the radio program of Harjinder Singh Thind also reached their bubbling with enthisiasm. Looking at their readyness, Sun the eternal master of Yog, emerged out in full strength. Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya guided the session. All of them enjoyed it all from core of their heart. The best moments were chanting with laughter. In the hustle-bustle of the world they hardly get time to laugh but here they had to more. They had to laugh as chanted and they had to chant as they laughed. It was all fun but in addition they all felt energized and calm at the end of the session.

The participants of SSKYoga quenching their spiritual with blessings of Maharaj Ji

Later they all were blessed by the presence and discourse of Mahayogi Swami Buddh Puri Ji Maharaj. There were many questions troubling their mind which all found solace through his wise and touching ansers. Most of the people were curious to know how he survives without any sustenance for days and weeks and months at times. While few others were curious if the goal of this kriya was to eliminate the need of food. Answering to them he clearly stated that the goal is to manifest the divine powere which is otherwise latent in every human and go beyond all the limitations of this body and the mind so that one can realte to the ultimate. As one moves ahead on the path all dependancies such as food, sleep etc. slowly fade away.

Young volunteers delivering their fair share

While all the adult aspirants were trying to satisfy their mind and gather inspiration to grow on this spiritual path our young participants were taking care of the book stall and providing a long-lasting help.