October 7, Garhi. Which is the basic support of a practitioner’s sadhana? It is essentially a intimate continual contact with the Guru – this was the primary focus of Maharaj Ji’s message delivered to the devotees gathered at Garhi – a hermitage sanctified by the penance of Kali Kambliwale. The occasion was the inaugration of newly built cottage in the rememberance of Dharmi Mata who had been looking after this ashram in Garhi since the times of Swami Dayalu Puri Ji. Addressing the devotees, Maharaj Ji said that no matter how busy one is, it is always possible to find time for the things considered important. In our case, we always find time to attend social gatherings and other works related to worldly success. So, by a similar reasoning, if one has failed to be in direct touch with one’s Guru then surely he has missed the importance of that relationship and hence the chance to go beyond the limits of ‘ego’. A sincere yearning to know and explore the inner path is the bond between that strengthens the Guru-Disciple relationship and in turn it is this relationship which provides one with the feet to walk the ultimate path.