September 5, Kila Raipur Ashram. In the remembrance of Mahanirvana (leaving the corporeal body and merging back into universal consciousness) of Mahaprabhu Kambliwale (Swami Dev Puri Ji) every year sadhus and devotees from all corners of world gather at Kila Raipur to pay their homage. More than a century ago, an ashram was built here by the devotee villagers for aspirants who came to seek his guidance. Mahaprabhu Kambliwale, always dwelling in divinity, stayed aloof from all the affairs related with ashram management or alike. Even his successor Mahatapaswi Vedamurti Swami Dayalu Puri Ji focused only on inner journey and now Mahayogi Swami Buddh Puri Ji is maintaining the same penchant. Still, the ashram has grown to a considerable size under the supervision of a registered trust and running many charitable deed such as free dispensary, cow shelter etc. Present head of the ashram and the successor of this mighty lineage of yogis, Swami Buddh Puri Ji reside at another ashram built in village Malke for solitary practice. But He always visits Kila Raipur for such occasions and provides spiritual guidance to the gathered devotees and reconciles all their problems and aspirations.

Today, he told to the devotees that the sole purpose of this life is to get rid of this vicious cycle of birth and rebirths. This is possible only when we learn the inner and subtle secrets of the body and traversing through them go beyond. Definitely, this is not possible without proper guidance of an adept. All the rituals and worships would not bear any fruits unless we devout ourselves to a Guru (an enlightened soul). So we must find one and seek his guidance but remember it is not just one time affair rather a life-long relation.

Before Maharaj Ji, Devi Supnit Kaur described the importance of living under the command of the master. She stressed that no spiritual growth is possible without that. Sadhi Yoganjali Chaitanya explained the relation of Guru (master) and Shishya (disciple) and Swami Suryendu Puri emphasized upon the utility of this human body and the futility of material support for inner journey. Hundreds of people had gathered to attend the congregation. They were inspired and emotionally elated. Particularly Sadhwi Ji’s emotional speech brought tears to their eyes while Maharaj Ji’s discourse later caused a complete outburst and not a single eye was left dry. One was reminded of the saying:
जो आंसू न प्रभु प्यार में निकलें, वो आंसू हैं झूठे । ऐसे झूठे आंसू से भव बन्धन बोलो कैसे टूटे ।