Happy Children with Swami Ji and Sadhvi JiMay 23-30, Malke. For many years, we have been conducting children camp in the last week December during Christmas holidays. However, for last few years, there were some changes in the policy of different education boards and as a result, some schools close in the last week of December while others close in first week of January. It was very disappointing and annoying for so many children that after waiting for whole of the year, they don’t get holidays to participated in their favourite camp. Addressing to the situation, we made an experiment of conducting this camp in May-June as during this period almost all the schools have summer vacation. We had initially planned to conduct the camp in our ashram in Kullu Hills considering the hot climate of Punjab in those days but somehow we could not have it that way and the camp was conducted in Malke ashram itself. Still, we had 30-35 children for the camp.

With children, all forget their age

It turned out to be one of the most joyful camp ever. By God’s grace, climate was very encouraging and supportive the whole week. We could conduct many activities outdoor. Surya Kriya, Sanjivani Kriya, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra chanting, discussions and debate, games, singing, dancing and what not, the schedule was pretty packed but fun. We even made a one-day trip to Amritsar and Wagah Border. Before the parade at Wagah Border, children observed that people had thrown trash here and there, so, remembering the teachings at camp, they all started collecting it and put away in the bins. The commanding officer noticed it and inquired the whereabouts of the kids and even had a group photo with them. Lots of beautiful pictures are uploaded on facebook and can be viewed there…

However, in future, we plan to have our regular camps in winter itself but in two groups: one in the last week of December and other in the first week of January. We do have a plan of conducting summer camp in the hills but that will be announced as and when planned.