14-16 October. As we know the God is infinite, such is the path which leads to him, infinite and immense. There are multiple levels of spiritual evolution and as one advances on the path, Guru initiates him onto next levels. Once we complete one class we have to move onto the next one because if we keep on studying the same course, we can not evolve. Considering this fact Maharaj Ji has started advance camps for initiates. In these camps he guides the aspirants onto next levels.

This camp is restricted to only those who are initiated and dedicated to this Mahayoga lineage. They must also have attended the regular camps of Shivratri and Dashahra and attained certain level of spiritual advancement. The camp scheudle involves 12 hours continuous sitting in which he shares various mystic techniques of Naam chanting. Then follows the Agni Kriya in the night to recharge the body and the mind. In the nights participants are allowed to stretch and relax in separate rooms maintaining the rythm of chanting after they are served the daily diet of milk.