20 June, Delta. Most important duty of any parents is to give good education to their children and take care of all their needs and comfort. But lured by the materialistic race the focus is shifted to acquire more and more of materials and other means of comfort. Educating children about life, culture and religion is out of their priority list. As a result these days youngsters are loosing faith in their culture, religion and related affairs. They believe that life is meant to enjoy the world and worldly objects. As long you don’t harm or cheat anyone and work hard for comfort (mostly physical) of yourself, your family and if possible a little for the society, you don’t need to worry about God thing. They feel living such a life is spirituality. But this notion was broken when around twenty teen gathered to talk to Swami Suryendu Puri in Delta. After talking to Swami Ji they were all nothing less than amazed to realise that they spent all these years worrying about everything but for their self. They worry about their look, their gait, their possessions with single idea in their mind, how people would like it. Swami ji asked them to think about their real self who doesn’t need any accreditation for its existance whatsoever and cannot ever be satisfied by any means or matter. Swami asked the teens to work hard and enjoy all the positive aspects of life but not to become slave to any of them rather use them as per their need and will like a shrewd master. They need to learn that career or fun is just a part of life but the goal is to attain the perfection which is possible only by connecting to the perfect soul, the God. Until this perfection is acheived nothing in world or beyond would satisfy them.