July 8, Brampton. Thanks to Ravinder Singh ‘Pannu’ and his team at Sur Sagar T.V. that helped creating awareness amongst indo-canadians. His programs brought aspirants from all around Toronto to the week long program of Surya Kriya here in Brampton. Lord Sun was very helpful and were shining throughout to provide us with fire (energy) and light. Hundreds of people approached first through telephone and then in person and almost all those attended the practice had the first hand experience of the solar healing. A lady ‘Karnail Kaur’ who is in late 70s was regularly coming to the camp and she was comforted with her hypertenssion and body-ache. In fact after many years she slept peacefully as due to tenssion and other problems she was dependant on sleeping pills for many years. Just one week of practice brought her the natural and sound sleep back. There were many cases of healing in body-ache, digestive disorders, poor eye-sight, migraine, hypertenssion (blood-pressure), joints pain, sleeping problem, mensus problems and also depression. Few spiritually aware people had different kind of experience related to kundalini. It was hard to conclude the camp as the number of particiapnts was growing and the number of phone calls were rising in multitude every day. Finally it was the Lord Sun who concluded the camp by taking leave on 9th and giving way to Lord Indra. Considering the grpwing demand Harman Kalirao of Brampton (647-802-0758) was deputed to conduct follow-up classes.