11 September, Sri Muktsar SahibIn this world of fierce competition, we choose to keep on running every waking moment of our lives. However, a day beginning with the cool breeze and sweet chirping of birds acts a good source of inspiration to work for perfect harmony between our body, mind, and soul. Such was the morning at Sri Muktsar Sahib where health freaks gathered to drive away all the negativity from their system aiming for a healthy and a happy life. The guidance was provided by Swami Suryendu Puri Ji. Swami Ji shared various valuable secrets to keep the body fit, mind active yet composed and heart at peace. He focused mainly on breath and bread (food) and shared not just theory but also the practices.

The event witnessed people welcoming Sanjeevani Kriya Yog in their lives, appreciating the invaluable gift of breathing. They found it to be a holistic approach and, appreciated this practical philosophy which instills self-awareness and self-discipline within us through regular practice. Although a short yet memorable experience that can be concluded as was a perfect blend of knowledge, action, and devotion.