July 7, Malke. It is well known that your Ashram in Malke is run totally by the volunteers. As and when need arises volunteer gather there on their own and do the needful. This is called true Sewa, as you are not only willing to serve the divine (in form of his devotees) selflessly but also interested and inquiring about the sewa. Since the beginning of this ashram almost all the tasks are completed by selfless service. There is hardly any service baught in the ashram and as you all would know there is no managing or working staff whatsoever. Many devotees from nearby villages visit their regularly and take notice of the requirements, let that be related with the kitchen, store, electricity, building, cleaning or preparing for the monthly or the annual gatherings. Lots of devotee from far off places also visit ashram time to time and offer their fair part of service. In addition they also get time to learn and practice yoga and meditation etc.

Ladies preparing quilts and covers for ashram

On the occasion of Guru Purnima, it was felt by some devotees that we don’t have enough quilts to comfort the participants in winter camps. Thus they took the initiative and even though Maharaj Ji was locked in his cottage as ever and Guru Chaitanya Ji always fascinated by the serenity and solitude of hills was far away in Himalayan Mountains of Utter Kashi and Suryendu Puri Ji had also retired for time being to find some peace, the task was started with full force. However, Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya was standing by the side of this work force, as her motherly figure could not keep her aloof from all their interest and enthusiasm. She was guiding and assisting them as required and comforting them properly with food and other needs while they were busy repairing and preparing more quilts for upcoming Dashahra Camp. The task was completed in no time as it is always known, Unity is Strength. So when you come for the next camp in October, you will have your new cover to save you from the cold breeze for sure 🙂

Pratap and Laxman soaking the mats in hot water for proper cleaning

In fact they also cleaned and washed all the carpets and mats. The morning classes of Sanjivani Kriya and Surya Kriya are going on as always and now Agni Kriya is also performed occassionally as and when the climate permits. Even additional class of asanas is started these days. But believe me, they are not doing this cleaning task to reduce their body weight but the load of samskaras accumulated in so many lives. Now they want to clean it for once and all it seems. Good Luck to them and all others who are devoting not only their time but also their heart!