A Young child imitating the Surya Kriya Instructor in his own sweet way before the session

December 25-31, Malke. The Children camp started with usual fun and frolic but this time the number of children was a little less due to certain schedule changes in various schools. Almost 40 children between 8 to 14 years participated in the camp but there were almost equal number of elders too who wanted to be blessed with the divine presence of Shri Maharaj Ji and almost almost 15 teens who could not resist their temptation of joining in this camp due to their previous experiences or information from other’s experiences.

Some of the participants in a playful mood after the evening meal

For this sake there were three different schedules this time, one for the kids and one for the teens and another for rest of the people. With the help of devoted volunteers such as Baldev Singh, Basant Joshi, Bhavna & Meena Mishra, Baljit Kaur and all the ashram inmates this hectic schedule was carried with utmost care and concern. For kids there were Surya Kriya, Yogasanas, Music, Mind Games, Chanting, Life Skills training, Introduction to Spirituality and lots of fun. For teens there were Surya Kriya, Asana, Pranayama, Sanjivani Kriya, Agni Kriya, Cleansing (Shatkarma) Kriyas, Discussions and debates. For the others there were these sadhnas and rest of the time was utilized in sewa. Besides, personal guidance was provided on demand to everyone.

Every afternoon a combined meeting was scheduled with Maharaj Ji where different aspects of life were discussed in a manner that all the children can grasp them easily. In this interactive session children cleared their doubts and received answers to their questions. the session was concluded with funny stories, jokes, mimicry and lots of laughter. Various topics discussed there shall soon be posted as articles on the website.

On the concluding day many activities and competitions were organized. Below are some glimpses-

Children performing various songs they had learnt at the camp

Children racing with the amla on the spoon in their mouth

Race to eat apples directly with the mouth without touching with hands

few of the Young Children at their best

Sac Race - not an easy task but who said they are not strong

Padmasana Race demands strength, speed, stamina, everything

Padmasana Race- Not only books, girls can give a hard time to boys in stunts too

Not only body but our minds are also creative- Children with their new year cards

Children showing their cards to Maharaj Ji and taking his blessings.

And their actions are being observed and noted all around the world