A First hand account by Ms. Despina

On 6th July 2011 in the so much friendly hall of “Shantom” took place the presentation of book “Sun: The Gateway to Immortality- A practical course” of Swami Buddh Puri Ji Maharaj in the greek language.

All the participants in the presentation composed a beautiful and multiform bouquet of so many different flowers. Persons from Greece, India, Pakistan and Philippines whose age started from 10 until 90 years old coexisted harmoniously and with friendly attitude approached the unheard for most of them terms as: “Physical Immortality”, “Mahayoga”, “Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga”. Having the words of Maharaj Ji as a guide, we tried together to de acquainted with   SSKYoga as a technique of meditation through assimilation of solar energy and we included this form of meditation inside the vast field of “Mission Immortality”, reporting cases of Mahayogis whose physical body became a revealing instrument of the Divine, a carrier of the flood of divine energy and an active tool in the transformation of the physical world also, being free of disease, decay and death. We discussed for the myths about the damaging effects of exposure in the sun and the medical prospects that emphasize upon the beneficial action of the sun for the physical intellectual and spiritual well-being of a person. Also people were informed about the personality and spiritual depth and height of Maharaj Ji himself, since the authenticity and his devotion in the path of Mission Immortality  constitutes the most powerful confirmation of  all those which had been mentioned before.

The so different and various reactions of the listeners brought for one more time in the mind the wisdom of the following words of Maharaj Ji: “Nothing can be excluded, since all are included in the path of Physical Immortality”. Many showed enthusiasm to study carefully the book and to practice in the future SSKYoga, other related those which were heard with practices they already follow and comprehended that the evolutionary process of human being in a superhuman divine transformed condition doesn’t lie under any restriction of dogmatic and religious convictions. Other had deep questions whether Physical Immortality could be something practically achievable and they faced the whole subject with temperance and intense skepticism. Also some were led naturally in the tradition of Christian orthodoxy and saw in the case of Jesus the Descent of Divine in the all levels relating him with the core of the philosophy of Maharaj Ji.

Later on all we enjoyed classical indian music from one of the virtuoso musicians of sitar in Greece, Dimitris Roumeliotis and then we went all together in the first floor of “Shantom” where there was waiting for us a rich buffet with delicious sweet dishes and thus was given the chance for all of us to communicate and discuss for that they had pulled our attention.

Remarkable and touching was the politeness and the attention of all during the discussion, something which created a so much warm atmosphere that was continued for long time later. Indicative of this is that the presentation started at 20:30 and finally we left from “Shantom” after 5 hours being inspired, cheerful and touched from the greatness and the brightness of the source of inspiration for everything ,i.e. Maharaj Ji himself.

This fragrant and multicolored bouquet of flowers is offered with devotion and piety to the Divine. May they are given to us in the future other such occasions for a so peaceful and friendly coexistence.