Flying above the coulds, back to India

16th July, India. Finally Maharaj Ji accompanied by Swami Ji & Sadhvi Ji reached back this morning. This year they spent almost double time in Canada as compared to past two years. They mainly visited London (not in England but in Canada itself), Toronto and Vancouver region. They visited many Gurudwaras, Temples and Yoga Centers there in addition to family gatherings at different people. Interview at ATN & Sur Sagar T.V. & Red FM radio made thousand of people aware of his researches and findings. Consequently, every gathering saw hundreds of aspirants. Though most of the people wanted to get rid of diseases, physical or mental there were few who wanted to get rid of this vicious cycle of death and birth and attain the salvation. Another focus was to make people aware of their life and the goal of life and this involved many youngsters too. Overall it was a great time and it helped hundreds of people. Definitely the devotees in Canada played a crucial role in organising and managing all the events. Now its time to prepare for the grand event of Guru Purnima when the devotees from all corners of the world would reach Malke Ashram and receive blessing from Maharaj ji.