28 June, Brampton Countryside. This quote from the Holy Bible conveys to a great extent the impact of Fire Meditation (Agni Kriya) conducted at Deep’s farm house here. A pit 8X4 feet to hold the fire and number of aspiring devotees to behold the fire made the event memorable. In addition the excellent arrangement by Deep and his family took great care of safety and comfort of everyone. The place was covered from all the four sides to block the wind and keep the flames calm. The stimulating vibrations of Maharaj Ji and his soft yet commanding voice forced everyone to get deeply involved and be one with all and even with the fire. Those who have witnessed the 35 feet long firepit in Malke ashram were not dissapointed in least. They all were rather delighted by the very ambience. Everyone felt enchated and elated.

Even back at Punjab fire of Agni Kriya Yog is still burning as Bramhachari Dhruv Chaitanya Ji is regularly conducting Agni Kriya at Garhi Ajit Singh (Aur) while living in Kutia (Meditation Cottage) there for solitary practice. This event is attended by many and number of participants is increasing day by day as after reaping benefits out of it they are then spreading words around abut the same. In fact now it is being conducted every other day due to growing demand.

Brahmachari Dhruv Chaitanya conducting Agni Kriya at Garhi Kutia