August 25, Malke Ashram.  It may sound a little uncommon as at ashram we hardly give any importance to these petty events such as birthday or alike.  As we believe in divinity and eternity of everything.  However, it is very common to give an uncommon touch even to a common affair like this, if we have to do it.  As we believe everything is divine and thus we always seek a divine experience in everything which could make it holy and divine.  And Maharaj ji, who can find spirituality even in trivial affairs of life such as eating, sleeping, walking, talking, and even in cleaning your body, always comes with some innovative approach to attain this purpose. It is more than a year when a child participant of a meditation camp in ashram wanted to celebrate his birthday.  That day Maharaj ji devised a novel technique to celebrate the birthday.  In this process everyone transfers his wishes in form of energy to the birthday boy/girl using light (butter lamps) and sound (mantra recitation).  Since that day many birthdays have been celebrated in ashram.  In fact, there were two such celebrations in Canada too.  

Now, it was time to celebrate birthday of a young boy “Dhiraj” (Son of Damman & Jassi) from village Malke.  Many people had gathered inthe ashram for two reasons, 1. to bless the birthday boy and witness this amazing event, 2. more importantly to take blessings from Mahaarj Ji who otherwise remained locked in all timesaving last sunday of every month.

By the way, we do have plans to compose a book and also video for this whole process as it is not possible to entertain the growing requests for conducting the ceremony at different places.