24 June, Brampton. It was around 3 years back during a sadhna (meditation) camp when a young child from Gujrat insisted to celebrate his birthday. He was so young and cute that we could not turn his request down. We requested to Maharaj Ji and to our delight, He not only gave his nod but also suggested a totally new way to celebrate the birthday with vedic touch. His innovation was so fascinating that since then we get so many requests to celebrate birthday in similar fashion. Its not merely the design but the presence of Maharaj Ji and the effect of mantras is so energetic and inspirational that whosoever learns about it, wanna experience it personaly. This is why Amrin (D/o Paramjit & Rani Brar) waited for 7 days to celebrate her birthday in the divine presence of Maharaj Ji. Family and friends were gathered, butter lamps were lighted and then everyone transfered his/her wishes & energy with the help of mantra and the light to the Birthday lady. Everyone present there could deeply that the atmosphere was full of divine energy and was just blissful. Maharaj Ji explained to them that when the planetary arrangement reconstructs in which a person is born that time is really very effective to reconstruct the energy for that person. This is a time when it is easy to connect to the divine inside and if likeminded people are gathered and they could help this inward journey, it would be a real boon.