Maharaj Ji and some participants enjoying fun-full activities during the Body Shaping Camp

14-22 April, 2013: Swami Buddh Puri Ji Maharaj (Maharaj Ji) and co-travelers returned to the Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram late on the evening of 13 April after their visit to Gujrat and other places, visiting also Kila Raipur for Vaisakhi, on their way back. They were greeted by the smiles and bows of the group of individuals all of whom had been pulled here by the common thread of seeking true health in body and mind. The Body Shaping Camps of old had led to springing up of new rivulets of life in the fast expanding desert of rottenness, disease, old-age, depression and what not in the lives of many. So, 65 individuals finally showed necessary commitment to life and health and leaving the customary pulls of the routine life behind, boarded the train of the 3rd annual Body-Mind Shaping Camp, destined for health and happiness from the platform of Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram with Maharaj Ji in charge, assisted by his trained group of chosen coachmen.

What are the Body-Mind Shaping Camps all about? The answer was provided in the very first of the discussion sessions which were held every afternoon. Maharaj Ji told, “It is true that excessive body weight or obesity is directly linked to a host of other diseases. The usual way of decreasing body weight is through a combined program of dieting, physical exercise and medicines with the main focus being on dieting. But what we are doing here is different from this. And it is important to be clear about this difference. Only then will we be able to truly participate in this camp and reap all the benefits. When you take less diet than normal, the fire in the body gets activated and begins to melt the body. A similar thing happens through exercise. In this way people try to lose weight. And even if someone manages to reduce up to 10 kgs., it is often seen that the moment they try to switch to routine diet (which they have to one day else the body gets weak), the body begins to put on weight with the final result that the body becomes heavier than it was before. Our routine here also looks similar to dieting and physical exercise. We are giving you a liquid diet. There are plenty of exercises, primarily breathing exercises. Then there is Surya Kriya, Agni Kriya etc. too. But whatever we are doing here is from a totally different standpoint. And it is important to be clear about this. Once this is understood then we will get a totally new perspective of the body. Then the body will lose weight until the system becomes totally well. And in that condition, even if you eat any amount of food, the system will not go wrong. However, one does need a year’s time to reach such a goal. And then for one’s entire life, one can eat whatever one wants.”

One of the afternoon discussion cum laughter sessions underway

“So the difference is this. This system is based on the fact that there is a source of energy right within this body. This energy is also called Parmatma. The source of this energy is Ananda or bliss. Whatever dieting or exercise we are doing is not to decrease weight (that will happen as a necessary consequence), but solely to connect to this oceanic reservoir of energy within our very own bodies. Here we are not talking about the Parmatma usually imagined by people. Many have the so called divine visions. But all such visions are unable to rid the body and mind of their ailments. Parmatma is energy, bliss and resides within this very body and if someone can establish a link with this source, then the body and mind also will be transformed. The diseases of the body too will be cured.”

The camp was a tale of day by day experiences of witnessing changes in the body, old clothes getting misfit as the body got shaped.  Following this routine, 4 participants lost between 7-8 kgs in 8 days. The average weight loss was about 4.7 kgs. The waistline reduced by an average reading of 2.7 inches with highest reduction of about 6.3 inches in 7 days.

The participants (clockwise from top left) Aakansha, Bhawana, Priyanka, Randhir lost between 7-8 kgs in 8 days at the camp.

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