2nd July, 2011: Regular visitors to the ashram are well aware of Ms. Despina from Greece. However, few would know that over the past 3 years she had been working on a Greek book that would introduce the reader to the path of Mission Immortality through the practical course of Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga. That book is ready now. A book launch for the same has been planned and is due to take place on 6th July, 2011. In this way, Maharaj Ji’s philosophy is all set to reach the birthplace of Western philosophy, civilization and thought.  At this juncture, special thanks is due to Yoga World, Greece’s leading yoga magazine for their buoyant support in spreading the message over the past one year.

For more information,  follow the link to the greek blog, maintained by Ms. Despina.


Read below the foreword to this greek edition by Swami Suryendu Puri Ji.

As a seed needs a proper clear ground, sufficient nourishment and vigilant supervision in addition to the divine grace, the seed of this Greek version of our English book “Sun: A Doorway to Immortality” (published as Surya Kriya: The Pathway to Immortality) was sown in the firm ground of Ms. Despinas purified and focused heart, while the nourishment was provided through her sincere practice under the direct guidance of Swami Buddh Puri Ji Maharaj and honest discussions with myself, Gurharsh and Dr. Sachin Mishra which stand responsible for the work in English as well. While she discussed each and every line of the book with us in great detail, local help from a qualified translator, Mr. Dimitris Katsoudas, kept the ball rolling. Firstly this seed sprouted in form of a small booklet for “Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga” named “Walking towards the Liberation”. Then the support and appreciation from those who either practiced Surya Kriya with her or at least studied the booklet thoroughly and mindfully made this plant grow and take full shape. This list includes her beloved mother (Georgia) and husband (Pasha), various sincere friends (Christina and Vangelis), the publisher of the first booklet Mr. Kostas Zafiratis from the editions “Elikranon”, the promoter of it i.e. the owner of the book shop “Aionios Iniochos”, Mr. Dimitris Mexis and the editor of the magazine “Yoga World”, Ms. Lena Adamopoulou who all helped in shaping up the basement for further new editions in Greek content matter in Greek and many more. To get still closure picture of the actual work I shall take you through the journey that this book has made in reaching your precious hands.

It was somewhere in the beginning of the year 2008 when I received a call from Greece enquiring about our Mission and Masters. It was a female voice speaking well-measured English and giving the impression of an elderly woman. She wanted to have some work of our Masters in English which we didn’t have at that time. Later that year one of her acquaintances called us a few times to make the same enquiry on her behalf. But we still didn’t have it.

As every cloud has a silver lining, an acquaintance of this lady visited our ashram in India next year. This news added fuel to her burning aspiration and soon she too landed up in the ashram. And then someone told me she doesn’t seem old by any means as I had assumed. It was worth appreciation that a lady in her early youth was all set to step on this mystical path. Pearl S. Buck must have met such a person when he said, “The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible — and achieve it, generation after generation.” Anyways, we had a little discussion about the basics of spirituality in general as well as our Mission and Masters. During her short stay at the ashram we made Surya Kriya and Sanjivani Kriya together and also studied ‘Tatvabodh’, a primer of Vedanta written by Adi Shankaracharya. We were happy to see her utilizing her free time in sewa, serving selflessly at the ashram.

It wasn’t long before she came back after a few months, appearing younger than before. This time we discussed the differences and similarities between (between) the cultures of Greece and India and we found that both are quite similar in various ways. Obviously, humans ought to have some inherent similarities despite any geographical or social differences. Together, we tried to dive deeper to identify the divine dwelling inside this human body and recognize the immense possibilities one may have while living in this body. Mission Immortality was discussed in great detail and case of immortal Yogis such as Swami Ramalignam, Milarepa, Mahavtar Babaji, Swami Mewa Puri and philosophical work of Aurobindo helped us in understanding it better. But the one thing which inspired her to the highest degree was the attitude of Maharaj Ji. She noticed that for Maharaj Ji everything is a part of his mission; let that be reading a fantasy book, cracking a joke, observing nature or performing daily duties. He could relate anything and everything to the cause: even eating, sleeping, walking, talking and yawning or sneezing. This greatly amazed and inspired her and it soon became a part of her life too; for she had believed since long in the phrase- Let’s be realistic! Let’s fulfill the impossible!

We were informed that for the first time in her life, since she had started Surya Kriya, she did not suffer from throat infection (which troubled her a lot and quite often in the past due to her profession as a teacher), even once, through the whole year. She had had some problem with her menstrual periods too which were cured in next to no time. Another incredible achievement was her transition to vegetarianism considering the fact she had tried it many times in the past for its spiritual benefits but due to severe iron deficiency she was forced back to a non-vegetarian diet. Once she was a little settled on the path, she again gave it a try. After four months of sincere practice of Surya Kriya when she had her blood test, the ferrous was a life-time high at 128 mg unlike her regular count of 35-45 mg. This made her a deserving candidate for reading the English manuscript of “Sun: A Doorway to Immortality”, a primer to the grand philosophy of Mission Immortality compiled from Swami Buddh Puri Maharaj Ji’s Hindi writings. Startled by the philosophical depth and charged by her personal experiences, she proposed to translate it in her mother tongue for the benefit of her countrymen. And considering her sincerity and constancy, the wish was granted.

Let me assure you that this book is not a dry translation from an intellectual person but a living example of devotion and compassion meant for the overall evolution of the humankind. And for evolution your goal has to be bigger than you. Also remember, in theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is. Hence we need to bear it clearly in our minds that it is a practical course based on authentic scriptures, tested by thousands of people worldwide. Probably such a book made Sutton Elbert Griggs announce, “It often requires more courage to read some books than it does to fight a battle.”