Harisar Ashram Stage, Kila Raipur

May 15, Kila Raipur. It was the occasion of Sangrand, the first day of Nanakshahi (Punjabi) calendar and the stage was set at Harisar Ashram for monthly Satsang. However, this Sangrand was special because more than hundred years ago on this very day Mahayogi Swami Mewa Puri Ji entered into the holy Ganges, willingly and consciously, to assume the final Samadhi or the state of Nirvana. As we all know, through the sharing of eyewitnesses of the time, he did not cast away his body but transubstantiated (divinized) it—as a proof, he reappeared from the water after three days to appease his loving disciple Swami Dev Puri Ji.

Sadhvi Ji and Swami Ji placing the foundation stone for Samadhi MandirHundreds of sincere devotees of this living lineage gathered from all around the globe to pay their reverence and seek further guidance on this immortal path. Bhajan-Keertan (devotional songs), satsang and a grand langar was conducted on this occasion. The family of Sr. Nikka Singh Sohal, a board member and Senior Vice President of the ashram trust who had recently left for his heavenly abode, prepared the langar. Besides, as per the wish of Late Sardar Ji, they also initiated the extension work of Samadhi Mandir at the ashram on this very day. The construction of the temple is pretty old and there is not enough space for conducting meditation or other sessions for spiritual practices, therefore, it was decided in a board meeting earlier that the hall of the temple should be extended to hold such events on regular basis. Actually, earlier such activities were limited to Malke ashram only but since Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya Puri Ji has been deputed as President of the board of trust and in-charge of all the activities at Harisar ashram, she is putting her sincere efforts to restart such spiritual activities here. Before the congregation, present representatives of this lineage and head of the ashram trust, Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya Ji and Swami Suryendu Puri Ji placed the foundation stone for the new construction.

Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya PuriLater, Sadhvi Ji told in her discourse that Sri Maharaj Ji had suggested expanding the Samadhi Mandir hall and erecting a memorial for Swami Mewa Puri Ji in there in his last meeting with the board of trust before he left for Himalaya. Sadhvi Ji further explained that the main purpose of this expansion is to conduct regular group meditation because the sole purpose of an ashram is to quench the spiritual thirst of sincere aspirants. Providing food and shelter to the needy is indeed a righteous act but the true service is to make them stand on their own feet by connecting with the divine power within. Obviously, external provisions make a person dependent and eventually week but once a person has good health and unswerving faith, which is a natural outcome of the inner connection, he or she can overcome every obstacle and face any adversity. Moreover, unlike all the other animals that are focused on merely eating-sleeping-mating, human life has a higher purpose and it is so very important to not only make people aware of this goal but also guide them towards it. This is the work of spiritual masters and the centers of such activities are called ashram. Harisar ashram, in particular, has always been hub of spiritual services and all the previous masters right from Swami Mewa Puri Ji then Swami Dev Puri Ji ‘Kambli Wale’ then Swami Dayalu Puri Ji and presently Swami Buddh Puri Ji Maharaj, have set a clear example of spirituality before us through their extremely austere life dedicated to such service. We must recognize this higher purpose and as a part of this lineage, it becomes our prime duty to follow their path.

Swami Suryendu PuriSwami Suryendu Puri Ji also talked about the remarkable lineage of Harisar Ashram and inspired the devotees to live up to it. Paying reverence to Late Sr. Nikka Singh Sohal, he shared a story from Sohal family to reveal the beauty and effect of this spiritual lineage—a farmer was ploughing his field when he noticed his neighbour calling out his bullocks in a very sweet tone. Generally, farmers use harsh and abusing words and even cane to drive their oxen but this person was swaying them so lovingly and generously that he could not believe his ears. He became very surprised and also interested. After following this phenomenal behaviour for few days, he couldn’t stop asking, “Hey man, where do you belong? What has made your voice so sweet and gesture so marvellously compassionate?” “Well, if you really want to know then I can take you there!” that person replied very gently. This kind-hearted person was Bhagat Mastan Singh ‘Jassar’ and his heart belonged to the lotus feet of Prabhu Kambli Wale who resided at Harisar ashram, Kila Raipur. The inquirer was no other but Sr. Hari Singh of village Khanpur, father of Sr. Nikka Singh Sohal. No doubt, the offspring of both the devotees and their families are still recognized for their faith and devotion. We also belong to this divine place then shouldn’t our behaviour, our life should reflect the beauty and grandeur of the divine grace—the grace of true Guru.

It’s high time, we contemplated upon our true heritage and put efforts to claim it. Remember, all the worldly possessions and achievements are going to be left behind on your journey to the ultimate. Who knows how many lives have you lived and in which life you didn’t have family, friends, worldly pleasures and possessions but one the impressions of all those encounters are still dwelling inside you. It is time, as divine grace has provided us with the guidance of such a benevolent Guru and his able lineage, to get rid of this burden and set our foot on the true path.