May 7-8, Ujjain: Kapil Bhai, Shaquir Bhai, Lakhan Bhai, Hemendra Bhai and others made the nights of May 7 and 8 the ones to remember. They sang traditional ragas and contemporary bhajans. As a special presentation, Hemendra Bhai showed variations of Dadra and Keherwa taals, prevalent right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Maharaj Ji discoursed on both the nights. The complete videos of his discourses are planned to be made available online soon. Until then, few highlights from his message from May 8:

  1. If only we could understand that we are part and parcel of the Divine, the spiritual journey would start.
  2. The same Divinity that I am a part of resides in every being – animate or inanimate. So when I connect to others through various actions, I am connecting the the Lord. Therefore, our conduct should be free of raag-dvesha.
  3. Selfless action in the outer world is to be joined by practice of the Guru-Naam in the inner realm.

And much much more.

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