23rd July, Canada. Most of the devotees would be aware that towards the end of last year an aspirant from Calgary had come to Malke Ashram who stayed there for five months and even accompanied Maharaj Ji on a trip to Himalayas. Yes, you guessed right, it was James Sinclair (creator of What If? The movie). His burning aspiration and determination towards spiritual life and enthusiasm to spread the message of Mahayoga in the west gave enough reasons to Maharaj Ji for visiting Calgary. Besides, Dr. Sachin Mishra, Fellow to Calgary Stroke Program (Co-Author of Surya Kriya: The Pathway to Immortality) played a crucial role in materializing this trip. Incidentally, many devotees attached to this mission had also moved there lately which made the trip all the more obligatory.

Though the weather was pretty hot and dry earlier but soon after Maharaj Ji’s arrival in the town, a heavy rain made it pleasant. Every morning Sadhvi Ji conducted Kriya-Yoga sessions in which many devotees participated from near and far. She focused mainly on asana combined with breathing but in totally new style which was easily adoptable and utterly effective. Long summer days provided with enough opportunities to practice Surya Kriya as well.

It was a great time there as numerous aspirants took interest in Mission Immortality and its practices. Discussion and practical sessions were organized by James and Sachin at different places to cater to the spiritual need of so many such thirsty souls there. In addition to Foothills Hospital, a lecture was organized at Hindu Society Temple as well. Besides, satsang were organized in family settings almost every day wherever Maharaj Ji visited. Certain excerpts from these discussions are shared below for the benefit of one and all as spiritual knowledge is the only thing, we all could share in common without any distinction –

  • Meditation and Selfless service (not in words but in deeds) help us in shifting the focus inwards as long you do it without seeking any recognition. The criterion would be your admiration, appreciation, and compassion for fellow travellers in lieu of competition, criticism, or jealousy.
  • Negativity exists on superficial level. Therefore, you are affected with negative emotions or vibrations when your focus is outwards. As you turn your focus inwards renouncing all the external expectations, it all becomes positive.
  • It is must for an aspirant not to talk big things instead recognize the level of his/her evolution and seek further guidance and help from the capable. Because when you boast about yourself, further growth is obstructed.
  • All the worldly education is based on ego so we should not hurt one’s ego while training them for world rather inspire and encourage them. But spirituality demands demolition of ego at higher levels and we cannot destroy ego with ego. Only an able guru can do that for us.
  • It’s not true that one has to travel to east (India in particular) for proper spiritual guidance. If one has burning aspiration and craving for realizing the highest truth, divine arrangements will bring an apt guide close to such a genuine aspirant even in the west.
  • Wisdom, unlike information, cannot be transferred through words. It can only be transferred through one’s life so we ought to live the life we want our youngsters to follow. Our behaviour and style of communication is the greatest lesson for anyone.
  • Vedanta could be understood in a simple phrase: “I am him and he is me.” Actually there is no difference but for the fact that our reality is covered with many (actually five- physical, pranic, mental, intellectual, bliss) coverings. We normally live within the limits of first two or three but to realize the ultimate truth we need to go beyond all the five.
  • The authenticity of any scripture could be justified by its wide scope to accommodate and guide aspirants at every level. For example ‘Bhagwat Geeta’ or ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ has tips and practices for every level of spiritual evolution.
  • Separation (viyog) has greater force than the union (yog) to strengthen one’s aspiration. Without melting your distinctiveness (ego) in the fire of viyog (burning sense of separation) it is not possible to attain the blissful state of ultimate union. We have evidences from the lives of Radha, Meera, Swami Ramlingam, Chaitanya, and several similar aspirants.
  • Meditation starts with complete relaxation. Once the body is relaxed, consciousness travels inside. So in that state if we can focus our potent thoughts inwards in contemplation of the lord, it is unsurpassed meditation. Inward bound intense thinking is a process of deep meditation.
  • While asleep, we are connected with our inner self which reenergises us but we are not conscious of this. In dream state
  • Chanting is quite crucial to open the three knots (throat centre, heart centre, naval centre) which obstruct the inner path. If we chant with inward focus and awareness then throat centre opens up and voice becomes deeper. With regular and sincere practice heart centre opens up and the meaning of mantra manifests there as it is without the help of intellect. Ultimately, with the grace of Guru, navel centre opens up and consciousness gets connected with the primordial sound, Omkar.
  • Essentially, Khechari Mudra is a process to generate nectar (amrit) and channelize it throughout the body which is indispensable for transubstantiation of the body. Insertion of the tongue into naso-pharynx above the pallet is just the beginning as actual process starts only after that. It is a mystic kriya and transferred through lineage therefore it is not discussed openly and taught to only deserving candidates.
  • Beauty of Mission Immortality is that it doesn’t exclude anything. Obviously, if there is only one God who is all-pervading then how could we exclude or separate anything? Therefore, one may start anywhere but as one grows on this path of ultimate truth, every other philosophy and practice start merging into it.