00125 September, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: It was the monthly last Sunday satsang and Swami Ji raised onboard the foremost steps, i.e. why’s and how’s of Sadhana; the must have pillars to a strong foundation of the path within. It was followed by Sadhvi Ji’ brief but bountiful message whispering out load, it is time. Let us decide to wake up!

Glimpse from Swami Ji’s discourse:

008Do we ever wonder, ‘Who made me? Who made this world and why? What is the goal of my life?’ Probably we are too scared of asking these questions to ourselves because if we will start asking, we know we will need to act. So, deliberately we do not let our curiosity raise its pole. However, if we will not consider calling someone how would we get to know that person? We won’t. Similarly, on the journey to know divine curiosity is the baseline.

Why do scriptures and, seers and sages insist on reciting His name? What is so special about saving this wealth named Guru-mantra? Bhagwad Gita, Chapter 2, Verse 40 elaborates; 1) even one step taken in His direction will never get unaccounted for; not now, not in any other births to take place. All our family and friends, worldly accumulations, and bank balance will have to stay back, contrary to the real wealth earned due to the practice of Guru-mantra. 2) Almost every other worldly job that we perform has some limitations or drawbacks. However, the beauty of His name is that it never backfires. Irrespective of how we do it, calling Him with love is the only thing that matters the most. And in return, he’ll shower His love, gift His power, and bless us with peace and happiness. Putting simply, it’s all about connecting no matter how we do it.

This is what our true religion (dharma) is. Let’s be clear, religion does not mean being a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, or a Christian. Religion is what we call as our identity, that which cannot be changed or separated from us. Water’s religion is to wet. Likewise, our dharma is to be one with the sat-chit-anand (truth-consciousness-bliss) dwelling within each one of us. We are the seeds of Him, the divine tree. Even little bit done on our part is capable of saving us from some of the great, deep-rooted fears, death being the biggest for man.

Our entire lives we run after money to earn bread and then comes a time when bread won’t get digested anymore. We are busy earning wealth at the cost of health and later on spend wealth to get back that health. It’s time, we must ask ourselves, where are all those rich and mighty kings like Sikandar? Know this; if life had to end in death, then, the creator of this life must have been some foolish guy. Life is not meant to end in death one day. The bottom line is we do not how to live. The mind is very cunning; hence, let us not give him any room for playing his tricks luring us to fleeting attractions. This World will not go anywhere. It did exist before we were born and will continue to do so even after we leave for our next journey. Let us not have even a day bygone without practicing Guru-matra.

We are all walking towards our one final destination in our own pace. Together but alone, during this journey, the accumulation of wealth of Guru-mantra must be done individually. There is no other way out, this being the only real truth. Summarizing; 1) do not skip daily practice of Guru-mantra at any cost, 2) attend satsangas, and 3) participate in sadhana camps.

Let us provoke the burning desire to know – the curiosity; because the life of a saint is like a musical drum (dhol), the more we tap the more we will gain.

Glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

Guru is like a natural flowing watercourse aiming towards the ocean. However, we become seasonal rivers who get disheartened by the petty circumstances around us and therefore, dry eventually. We say we know it all –real happiness lies only in His name. Then why is it that we do not practice? It is easy to wake someone up who is sleeping, but how do we wake a sloppy who is acting to sleep. We shall accept that we do not know, or else let us not cheat ourselves to avoid regretting in the end. The end from where there is absolutely no coming back.

Here, ‘to sleep’ means having a complete devotion at Guru’s lotus feet. Or else, Saint Kabir says, Aye hain so jayenge, Raja rank fakir. Ek singhasan charhi chale, dooja bandhe janjeer, i.e. why so proud. Everybody, whether rich or poor, is meant to die. The only difference is that some will go sitting on the royal throne and others will go tied in chains. The choice is ours!

The Sadhana camps conducted here at the Ashram are the preparation to get onto that royal throne. Let’s make the best out of this time. Let’s take a resolution that whatever may come, no matter how much worldly loss we get to bump into, we will not waste our time of daily practice, and attend satsangas regularly.