27 November, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: A sadhak is the one who keeps on to exploring his/her inner depths seeking Guru’s guidance. Many such aspirants who dare to think beyond everyday cries gathered as usual on last Sunday of this month. Swami Ji, inspiring such seekers, emphasized on the importance of continuing to move on this path so grand. Shall we also gear up for the very job? 

Glimpse form Swami Ji’s discourse:
The three basic needs of human are food, shelter and clothing, and yet our obligations never seem to cease. Why is that? Does it ever cross our mind that what happened to accumulations worth millions of the named and famed scientists and philosophers and where are they themselves likely to be found today? Scriptures proclaim that everything is but perishable except Him. For this, foremostly, we must understand that no matter how much gain-loose, success-failure takes place it absolutely doesn’t matter. We are born to recognize Him in spite of living in this illusionary world. Our priority, a clear goal i.e. practicing His name should not lag behind. If we are hungry, no one can eat on our behalf. Likewise, we must take responsibility of our own life. As long as our reaction is a slave to others action, we must forget peace, and as long as we keep on expecting from people around us, all we are going to seek is misery.
swami jiAlmost every parent complains about kids not paying enough heed to what’s been suggested to act upon. However the question to such parents is, when did you listen to your kid? They (parents) also go on to saying that ‘I suggest so and so every single day and yet no improvement.’ Now, digging in deeply, the child is still developing. However, you (a parent) own a developed mind. And yet, it is you who is repeating the same procedure again and again! Why not explore a new method to connect? Similarly, this world is not going to change. But if after such stumbles, or any other, we choose to connect with God it is guaranteed that we’ll get through our sorrows.

We often nag about constant instability of mind. To understand, for instance, a baby who is fully dependent on his/her mother has absolutely no idea about what is an excreta and therefore keeps on playing with his/her own poop. But with time, as he starts growing older he begins to understand and stops doing that. Now, during this whole time does a mother start maintaining a distance due to such behavior? No, right! Similarly, mind is our child. It doesn’t know much yet. But we must keep on directing it towards the right direction. If our child doesn’t perform well in his examination, do we suggest leaving everything and staying at home instead? From our side, we keep on inspiring, avail opportunities, share suggestions, and offer support. Similarly mind is fidgety. So don’t worry about it. From our side, we must keep on pointing it towards the right direction again and yet again. Because this is what a real job is!

And till the time it doesn’t happen, one must keep on participating in Satsangas, seek company of one’s Guru, and keep on working honestly. Eventually, the divine road will keep getting wide open. However, avoiding this ultimate job by saying that there is still a lot of time makes us a big time atheist, and therefore postponing is the biggest deception we do to ourselves.

We must stop complaining and crying over household work not allowing us to have our fair share of time; it’s all about sorting out priorities. An aspirant’s goal is sadhana, and rest everything is futile. Irrespective of what others might say, we must realize that it is ourselves we must prove to and not to anyone else. Saints and scriptures have been saying that He resides within one and all. So, as a seeker our job is to keep on exploring, and upon being criticized the reaction should be I must explore, fault might be within me. Sounds difficult but still we must keep walking because neither a step taken goes waste on this journey nor it backfires, ever (Gita 2:40). Even little effort is capable of taking us beyond our some of the biggest fears, death being on top of it all. Sounds deadly but easy tasks are for kids and we are grown-ups.