10-13 July, Oakville. Vaishno Devi Temple of Oakville conduct a series of lectures. The frist day Maharaj Ji also visited the temple considering persistent request of Naresh Bhardwaj Ji full of love and affection. Maharaj Ji taught the audience how to chant the mantra while breathing in also out. He explained that unless mantra is synchronised with the breath, it will not bear fruits. And the synchronisation would not be complete untill we can chant it with exhalation as well as with inhalation. He showed them the actual technique and made them practice it too. He said I offer everything I’ve learnt and researched but grasping and practicing it is your responsibility. He said you have been listening and reciting spiritual texts since ages but without the proper guidance and intense practice it is not possible to attain the liberation. The spiritual path may seem difficult to you but I say it is the easiest one as it is a straight path unlike the material world. Later Swami Ji and Sadhvi Ji also discussed various secrets of spiritual field and also answered questions of the seekers to help them guide inside. The temple society as well as the audience were so much inspired that they were demanding more time.¬†They requested Swami Ji to allot a whole one week for the temple next year.