Aspirants performing Agni Kriya Yog under the direct guidance of the Inventor, Swami Buddha Puri Ji

19 June, Abbotsford. Learning about the arrival of Swami Ji in the town, Fraser Valley Hindu Culture Society once again arranged for a grand fire ceremony like last year. The event of fire meditation or Agni Kriya Yog, as it is popularly known, was attended by a large number of people. It was a new experience to many while several people had attended it last year too. A gentleman who had severe back pain due to disk dislocation, felt quite relieved and relaxed after the practice even though he was sitting in the third row. Another lady was comforted in her body pain and stomach trouble. In fact, everyone who performed the practice sincerely experienced presence of a divine energy and felt a great comfort at physical level and¬†also immense joy. Many people¬†experienced sound sleep and a better digestion that night. In fact few of them very hungry after making the kriya and took full advantage of temple’s hospitality but even after eating excessively they had no stomach trouble et al.