November 29. Immediately after returning back from UK, Swami Suryendu Puri and Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya headed further to UK (Utterakhand) to recharge and refresh themselves by assimilating the serenity and silence of Himalayan mountains.

Readers may be well aware that Brahmachari Guru Chaitanya mostly stays in these mountains only, sometime in abandoned cottage of any hermit or an old forgotten temple and sometimes he just wanders around in mountains and jungle to enjoying the nature. He has a passionate approach to these mountains and jungles as he has for the Mission Immortality. Swami Ji and Sadhvi Ji made this trip to share his passion and also update him with the new teachings and lessons received from Shri Maharaj Ji. Even though the stay was short but there was lots to exchange and share as back at ashram Maharaj Ji is always busy experimenting and researching various possibilities on this path of Mahayoga.

This two week trip was spent mostly practicing together under the bright mountain sun and studying the Vedas. Surya Kriya has its own joy in mountains where the sky is utterly clear and the atmosphere is significantly pure. The warmth of the Sun not only disperses the exhaustion but also helps dissolve all the mental blocks and physical pain. Its obvious why Hanuman Ji would have chosen the Sun for learning the Vedas. The Veda-Mantras have tremendous power if chanted properly and devotedly. There is a great deal of science involved in them, though it is very difficult to find adepts in this science anymore.

The fresh air and inexhaustible energy available there is very helpful in making pranayama and asanas as well. The body doesn’t feel any fatigue or pain and the lungs act much vigorously there. The best part is that the mind also stay within the limits of the body without making any extra efforts. This brings greater balance and more endurance. The main difference between asana and physical exercises is that through asanas, the pranic force is channelized inside the body and the mind becomes calm and composed.

Free time was utilised in visiting religious places of special importance concealed in vast mountains. Another intention was to find any like-minded aspirants or come across any cave hidden in wide stretched jungles on the way. The city of Uttarkashi itself was very quiet as the pilgrimage to the Badri-Kedar-Gangotri-Jamunatri was closed due to winter. On top of the far-flanged hills where these aspirants found a beautiful abode was particularly peaceful.

Though Vimaleshwar wasn’t that tough but visits to Varuneshwar and ShikharDham were just unforgettable not only due to the 2-3 hours long mountain trekking only but due to the very vibes and energy existing there.

Vimaleshwar is presently the abode of Brahmachari Guru Chaitanya Ji. At Shikhardham Shankar Swami was more than happy to welcome these budding aspirants.

Another trip made to a secret spot in deep forest on top of a remote hill was exceptionally impressive due to the natural beauty spread all around the trek, the serenity, and the amazing sight. After trekking for more than two hours through awfully dense forest where even the sun was not allowed to pass through when the top of the hill was reached, it was another world.

A plain open field was waiting on the top of the till for the aspiring hermits adorned with the beautiful trees on all the four sides and a beautiful water stream at the entrance. The two weeks passed as if in a blink and it was time to plan another journey.