Ludhiana, 3rd April: The devotees of Ludhiana came together and arranged for a Grand Satsanga with Maharaj Ji. Speaking at the Auditorium maintained by the United Cycle and Parts Manu. Asociation (Gill Road) on the topic of death, Maharaj Ji discoursed in the following spirit: (The reader must of course  keep in mind that such reproductions, as that follows, is but a faint shadow of listening to the live speech uttered directly from a Master. )

It is a matter of huge surprise that we live in the cradle of death and yet dream hopes for life. Eh! To live, learn to die first. Unless we accept death and unveil its mysteries, all our efforts to live fully shall also be incomplete and vain. For no vain reason did Saint Kabir boldly utter these words: Jis marne te jagg dare mere mann ananda, marne hi te paaiyee pooran parmananda. In fact by his very nature, a being is afraid of the unknown and thus crippled by this fear he dies in darkness and ignorance. Relating the path of victory over death to the kriya yogic path of SSKYoga it was further said, Until we attain the path of light, this fear and the suffering and diseases stemming from this fear shall also not come to an end. Therefore the scriptures have mentioned that by walking through the path of the Sun can one come to attain liberation. Surya-Kriya-Yoga fills our being with Sun’s light and energy to such an extent that the inner sun in the navel also lights up, destroying all the diseases that prey on the body; alongside the inner moon also gets activated which simultaneously nourishes and sustains the body, bringing victory over duals like hunger-thirst, heat-cold etc.