19-22 Nov, 2011: From Italy Swami Suryendu Puri visited Greece, where he was hosted by Devotee Despina ‘s family. And interestingly most of the people there took him to be a Greek. And actually there is a lot of similarity between the place and the people of these two countries. This made him say, “Greece is not far away from India, somehow.” About this visit the host reminisces,
indeed the Precious gardener granted this poor yard with his visit and sprinkled all of us with fresh water straight from the source
all the days was blissed to be close to Him
his attitude and the way he approached all the people here was magnificent, and as always, peaceful smiles were being shaped at the faces after a discussion with him. In Swami Suryendu Puri Jis own trademark style, he said, The visit was all fun
about enjoying and exploring the immense possibilities in life
We talked and discussed many things and everyone was happy… Pasha and Habib did their best to take care of food, rest, travelling and every other need… Gabrielle plays the guitar very well and Alisha sings excellent and Margarita dances superb so finally we all sang and danced.

Everyday, there were two sessions scheduled for discussion and practice but eventually those who visited in the morning choose to stay for the next session as well and even after the evening session they were reluctant to spend a night away, considering the fact that the trip was very short and there was so much to learn and share. Amongst the gathered people many were already practicing different kind of yoga and few had even made it their profession. Yet, there were many things small and big which were very new to them and appealing also. The science of food and its role in spiritual evolution, science of breath and its connection with prana and swara (ida, pinglaand sushumna), science of omkar and its practice, Surya Kriya, Sanjivani Kriya, AgniKriya and lot more. The sessions were pretty interactive and involved everyone everytime. To those who were not very comfortable with English, Greek translation was made then and there.

Since Maharaj Ji’s book “The Pathway to Immortality” has been translated and published in Greek recently, many people were already aware of the mission and its activities. Moreover, the philosophy of this mission is quite close to the ancient Greek philosophy and this made them more receptive to such ideology. Besides, what appealed them most was a full fledged methodology set up to support this philosophy that too in such a logical and simple way that anyone and everyone can easily start with it.

Mary Soukoulis (Aischwarya) a Yoga-Dance trainer and spiritual aspirant also hosted a meeting at her place where she invited many of her students and friends. Incidently she had visited malke ashram just before this trip and hence her memories of all the discussions and learning with Maharaj Ji were still fresh in her mind. Mesmerized by the importance and the beauty of them she couldn’t delay to make her friends aware of these things. It was a very inspiring meeting for all and involved all the people with their spiritual inquiries and opinions. In addition to various aspects of spirituality and how to bring it in our daily life, a great discussion was devoted to the science of death.

The time passed very quickly but after all, it was just a beginning.