30 October, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: On the occasion of Diwali, Swami Ji began the satsang offering heartiest wishes to everyone around. Sharing the message that this auspicious occasion brings, Swami Ji enlightened gatherers with one and only ‘the source’ of eternal bliss, i.e. consistent practice of Guru-mantra.

Glimpse from Swami Ji’s discourse

013Generally speaking, be it any festival, it brings a message of how to live a life connecting with the source of this life, i.e. Him. Likewise, on Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, hundreds of lamps are lit giving a bid to the outer darkness. Every ray of light offers new hopes and the power to keep itself and many more lighted. Leftover is a message inspiring us to get rid of our inner darkness -the physical and mental blocks- as well.

We were born and will die someday to reborn, i.e. there comes some pauses in the journey of a soul. And this is where Guru-mantra comes into play bringing these in between gaps to an end; because ‘He’ is the doer while ‘I’ is the obstacle. As long as we consider ourselves this body, till then the real journey won’t even begin. So, the only way to get out of it is to sell our mind in Guru’s lotus feet and get Guru-mantra in exchange. We might be far behind from our Guru but at least make sure that we are on the same path, and not traveling in opposite direction. A fact – if we have our face towards Him, He will not leave us for sure. We might choose to run away but he will not ask to leave. And as and when we get the taste of it, the associated ones following along gives us the real measure of how much one has truly walked on this path. In this age of nuclear family, this is a significant point to focus with a spotlight on. The real journey on this path lies in being a devotee first rather than becoming a Guru, going out for separate organizations.

We spend most of our life running after the materialistic things and thus spend entire energy in negativity. This is where we commit the mistake. For this we must keep our sight and mind clear. And then let karma play his game without being fearful. Anyways, one has to leave everything behind some day. So what’s the point in worrying or, crying, or having doubts!

While sleeping we go inside and that’s how we get relaxed. And this is the same state we have to achieve being awake, i.e. connecting with the One residing within. This is the only path to the real happiness; a state where worldly circumstances won’t affect us anymore. The only basic requirement is to connect with His name by practising Guru-mantra. Everyone around us should feel that we are in love with them however, within we must be clear that everything around, you name it, is transitory. Then eventually, nothing will sway us anymore.

So, putting it simply, real Diwali celebrations lies in getting rid of our dark agonies by lighting a lamp of love oiled with the practice of Guru-mantra.