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03 February 2017, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: It was the 33rdNirwana anniversary of our beloved Swami Dyalu Puri Ji, a personification of discipleship and an exemplar of a devoted master. With the devotees who gathered around seeking his blessings on this auspicious day, Sadhvi Ji shared a few of the golden memories from his divine journey; how he was beloved of his beloved Kambliwale and how Guru is the necessary and sufficient companion for us to walk up the same road.

The occasion was further addressed by Swami Ji who took us through a simple but most beautiful and yet mostly unresolved mystery of ours – what is Love and how its essence lies merely and justly at the lotus feet of our Beloved, our Guru.

Let’s embrace the divine message!

A glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:
diWhat is the difference between animals and humans? While we can come up with n number of similarities such as both indulge in eating, sleeping, mating, fighting, dying, etc. there is just one significant difference; humans can think. We have got brains that let us inspire from good and allow learning lessons from bad. And so, when we abide by our Guru’s teachings, observe their footsteps, and sincerely adopt the wealth of sadhana shared by them, dispassion starts building up towards the worldly entities. Everything starts sounding fake and therefore helps us connect to our true inner source.

In the outer world, no matter whatsoever business we indulge over selves in, it’s a deal of total lose. Proof is our ever-increasing complaints about mind being unsettled and still a long list of desires to look forward to. And yet we are busy building it day and night. Does it ever cross our mind that if all this is bound to perish one day, what are we here for?

The real business is to have self-realization; I am not this body. And the only investment worth doing is surrendering our mind at our beloved Guru’s lotus feet. It’s a fact that this journey cannot be completed in any whatsoever way, i.e. without guru’s blessings. Until this realization finds a place in our heart that He is all I have, we can forget about crossing the bridge of un-satisfaction, desperation and exasperation. A realization so deep that even if we need to accept defame or the mockeries delivered by this perishable world, we should be ready to embrace that wholeheartedly.

So, on this auspicious occasion let’s pray to our Beloved, our Guru that this very thought that ‘I am His ansha’ may get engrossed deep down in our hearts. May we be blessed with a faith so firm that we never get derailed from this divine path, and hold His teachings so close to our core that we must never go behind His back even in our wildest of dreams.

A glimpse from Swami Ji’s discourse:

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There is no denying the fact that when it comes to heart versus brain, it is the heart that wins. We own a mind, an ever-racing one but yet the very source of it lies at heart. So, why not have a right beginning from day one instead, i.e. why pressurize brain when love suffices by itself. Love, which is possible only with His lotus feet. Just the way Gopis loved Krishna. The Eternal Love.

What happens when we love? We get casual. No formalities or mannerisms find a place to exist. But yes, it doesn’t mean that there is no respect. There is a difference. Love dispels the darkness brought along by ignorance and therefore lets us surpass the insensitivities of our body and mind. It is the strongest power; necessary and sufficient to be one with the One.

It is said that the milk of lioness can only be stored in a vessel made of gold. Similarly, He can we realised only in a heart filled of love. A beautiful example in this regard could be of Queen Kunti’s plea to Lord Krishna. On being asked by Krishna, what is that she would like to ask Him for, the queen said, ‘please bless us with sorrows.’ If we look close, she had instead requested for a gift of eternal happiness lying beneath the wrapper designed of agony. She realised that actual misery lies in forgetfulness of Him. These worldly problems are merely games. He is there too, but is not confined there because He is infinite, boundary less and, ever expanding. And this world is just a negligible part of divine.

So, irrespective of where we are there must be just one thought, act or endeavour – Him. His blessings are raining incessantly. The question is are we ready to perceive, does that beauty lie in the eye of this viewer, and is our vessel genuinely empty?

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