Holi 2016_1March 23, Fauji Farm, Maloya, Chandigarh: The devotees of Chandigarh have truly made the festival of Holi their own. Like every year, their love, devotion and enthusiasm drew Swamiji, Sadhwiji, and Sangat to their city to celebrate the very unique form of Holi – the Holi of Flowers – as opposed to the widespread custom of celebrating it with chemical colors. As always, Agni Kriya Yoga was also practiced on the evening prior to Holi at the Naad Jagran Kendra, Maloya.

After some rounds of devotional singing and messages by various individuals and groups, Sadhviji were requested to share her wisdom with the gathering. In her discourse, Sadhviji brought out the real nature of what is called “love”. She began by observing that though the function of the Holi festivity is to erase all feelings of ill-will and enmity between people, yet the clashes between people never seem to end. For one day, people will come together, apply colors to others, but real love never seems to develop between them. She then goes on to contrast the temporal colors of Holi and the world to the true, permanent “red” of the Divine. As always, her words and voice uplift the gathering to another zone of peace and bliss – closer to our true selves. You are invited to listen (or download) her precious message (in Punjabi) here.
Listen to Sadhwiji’s Discourse   

Swamji’s discoursed after Sadhviji, and as always, his message helped us to see the sugar from the sand, the true from the false. Drawing from the traditional, the Gita and the Ramayana he analyzed the blind alley of a false-love that everyone seems to be walking. He then portrayed what true love is by narrating and explaining the epic story of Rama and Sita, especially the part when Sita is asked to leave Ayodhya towards the end. You can listen to his cogent message (in Hindi) here.
Listen to Swamiji’s Discourse

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