June 14, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur : On the occasion of monthly Sankranti satsang despite scorching heat, devotees from all around gathered to listen the name of the new month as per the local tradition. After bhajan and keertan, Swami Ji and Sadhvi Ji discussed some really important characteristics and responsibilities of a true devotee. Let’s have a glimpse of their discourses:

Sadhvi Ji’s Discourse

2How do we know if we are truly devoted to our Guru? If certain things like losses in a business deal bother us or we are unhappy due to someone’s attitude towards us or we get disturbed because of any worldly problem, then there is something missing because a devotee is always ready to take challenges having faith in Guru’s grace. We say that we are devoted to our Guru but when we don’t find a solution to our problems we start looking for astrologers or other shortcuts. We are ready to go anywhere where we can find an easy way out of our worries or problems. This means that we are not completely devoted to our Guru but to the world and worldly affairs. If we were really devoted then we would not even think about shortcuts or an easy way out rather persistently and enthusiastically walk on the right path because we’ll know that our divine Guru is there to take care of us and guide us towards our ultimate goal. We follow the words and advice of people more sincerely than what our Guru has taught us because our aim is the world. All this means is that we don’t know our true purpose in life. We want to do what the world says or does but we also want our Guru to set everything straight for us. We develop an inner conflict this way.

Actually, there is only one mind. Even though it runs in many directions but it can truly be at one place only. So If it is running outside in the glittery world and its people then how can it be with the guru who resides in our heart. Like a mother will do everything for her baby when he is completely dependent on her but gradually as the kid grows older and is capable of doing things himself, the mother supports and encourages him to do things. Similarly, Guru takes care of the things when we are not capable enough but also strengthens and encourages us to walk to our ultimate goal. We have to drop the thought that “I” am doing this and be completely devoted to our guru and make our Guru our world since he is the one who is constantly loving, guiding, supporting and strengthening us to walk to our true purpose of life. This complete devotion will open the door for us to receive the ultimate Guru kripa.

Swamiji’s Discourse

3Is name our true identity? Most of the times the name given to us by our parents has nothing to do with our nature or our life. Most parents don’t know about their own inner self and personality so how will they know that about their kid? All we see and understand is the body. For us, I’m this body, I’m a boy/girl, I’m tall/short, I’m slim/fat, our world revolves around this ideology. Till we don’t surpass this “I’m this body” attitude and realise that I’m a part of God just like a seed is a part of a tree which is bound to become a tree one day, peace and happiness can not be achieved. We have to know and understand that our true name is the Guru-naam (mantra) given to us by the Guru. Unlike our bodily name, it separates us from the limited body and helps us surrender our ego to the Guru. We are like a kid who eats soil but doesn’t accept it even when the mouth and hands are full of it. We cannot overcome ego with ego. We have to know and understand that our true name is the Guru mantra given to us by our Guru because this helps us recognise our true nature and relate with it. The people who understand that the true purpose of life is to manifest our divinity also realise that it is a very long journey and we are not capable enough to complete this journey with our limited and ignorant selves. Hence they devote themselves to a realised master (Guru). Once they are devoted to a Guru, Guru will hold their finger and walk them to the ultimate level.

Swamiji also talked about the recent naamkaran Sanskar of seven sadhaks where new names signifying their nature and aim were given. These names give a glimpse of the path they have to take to achieve their purpose of life. A lot of us also have that true name (Guru mantra) given to us but we are unable to understand the meaning and importance of it. Being one with God is the easiest task since all we have to do is go deep inside our own selves while all the worldly work cannot be done without the help or support of other people but this journey inside needs no external support. All we need on the inner journey is a Guru to guide us. If we are afraid or disturbed by the certain activities in this world or our lives, this means that we don’t really know our own Guru. Nothing in this world can bother us if our Guru, who is directly connected to the divine, is there to take care of us but if our vessel is full of external desires, we’ll not be able to fill it with the amrit of naam. We need to understand the importance of naam, have full faith in Guru and leave no stone unturned to achieve the purpose of life. Nothing can bother us once we are completely devoted to our Guru. There will be ups and downs but we will keep walking to our real name, our true identity. All the things we’re doing are like zeros, no value till we add a one to them. Guru mantra is the one.