Belgaum, the second biggest district of Karnataka after Bangalore is now known as Belagavi. Retd. Justice from Bangalore High Court, Mr. Pachhapure Arvind along with an NGO ‘Hitaishi’ had organized various programs here for people from all walks of life. Lead by Swami Suryendu Puri Ji these talks were respectively addressed to, a) lawyers from Advocates Associations, b) soon-to-be doctors from JN Medical College, c) up-and-coming engineers from The Institution of Engineers and well of course, d) commoners. A glimpse from the sublime talks is presented here.

February 11, The Institution of Engineers, Belagavi: If we take the definition of Engineering from Merriam Webster dictionary it says control or direction of something. And if we go to Oxford dictionary it says skilful or artful occurrence of something. Talking about engineering, even a scientist like Albert Einstein had said, scientists investigate that which already is, but engineer creates that which never was. But before that, have you engineered your life?

Without a doubt, we are alive. But what is its condition? Did we ever recognize? Did you ever think what is this life meant for? Today, you are here to be supposedly up-and-coming engineers of tomorrow. So just think about it again, what have you engineered? What direction, or what console have you gained or have provided to your life?

When you talk about engineering life, you have to take the life as a whole. This is where we miss the bus. Since our childhood, we have dreams of becoming this and that, either by choice or imposed by elders. But, if you cannot become a human first, what else can you be? Major share of our lives is overtaken by fear. As per a research, in present times, biggest business is that of fear. How? For instance, insurance is a pure business of fear. Each moment there is some fear in the back of our mind. And what for? Gratification of the senses is it?

What are we doing? Where are we heading? What is the purpose, why are we living at all? We want to control every damn thing in the life and yet we cannot control our own life. So again, how to engineer your life; how to have control and direction in your life?

First and foremost, being friends with the ultimate Engineer, Him, we often call as God; because all the worldly achievements are like a zero. One fine day you will leave it all and die. What makes all the difference, or is capable of making all the difference is – you and your choices; whether you keep Him on priority or just on a formality basis. If on priority, you will be able to face any situation or circumstances, whatsoever. All the anxiety, depression and tension will go away. We often get scared due to our limited vision. We must take responsibility here. We must come home, our real home within. If we could do this, it will create an exceptional transformation. It will give you a lot better control and a clear direction. You’ll stay fresh and energized. And when you keep on doing this, your brain will improve.

If you seek comfort, you will not be contented. There has to be a choice. The very nature of this meditation is to combine with your life. A technique doesn’t suffice. You need to have those feelings and connection for that thing to take place. Need to keep Him at first place, a priority. To begin with, listening the sound of your breath, so-ham. Effortlessly. It is no chanting rather just an observation of our very breath. Simply synchronize with mantra. (Life is simple. We seek complexity in it. Why not, just keep it that way, simple?)

The moment you look outside, you are disconnected from within. To engineer your life, you need to look inside. What should I do, what am I doing – we have to take responsibility of our own life. Forget about the world. It is very trivial. More like a curtain. As long you give importance to the world, you cannot look beyond. You cannot look at the creator. Never. So, don’t bother about it. Look at the divine, which is already situated inside.

Often we divide things in two categories, good or bad. But what are they? The simplest definition could be anything that takes us a step closer to God is a good thing. And anything that takes us a step away is a bad thing. But again, forget about the world. It is said that charity begins at home. So, why not get through this lifetime contract of our lives we have signed for, sincerely and properly. Why not connect with Him and get rid of all the physical and mental problems for once and all and, open the inner path. Why not fill yourselves, your whole being with the divine light. You are invited!