July 10, Burlington. Every year almost all the temples and cultural societies conduct special camps for children. The main objective is to make them aware of life and other values in general and also about their native culture. As these days kids in general are more focused on worldly attractions and personal acheivements, such camps are very crucial to make them realize the value of family, culture, religion and spirituality in life. In one of such camps Swami Suryendu Puri was also invited. He discussed these concepts in detail with children and their parents. In an interactive and jolly atmosphere various serious topics such as goal of life, true form of the God and various religious issues were talked about. Swami cautioned the kids that it is not easy to be a child as this is the age when you are easily lured by worldly attractions so you need to discriminate what is good and valuable for a happy life. Considering the fact that world is changing too fast there is a huge gap between the young and the old generations youngsters carry a great responsibility to keep a balance as they are still on receiving end and have greater flexibility. The old on the other hand have reached a state where it will be difficult for them to mold and adopt to new concepts. So one must keep this fact in mind while communicating with elders.
The discussion was very fruitful and all the youngsters as well as their parents participated actively. In the evening there was an arrangement for camp fire and that was used for Agni Kriya instead. The easy explaination and the simplicity of the technique was gladly accepted and appreciated by the participants. The chanting was so powerfull that another group of canadians who were camping nearby could not hold themselves back and eagerly rushed to the site of Agni Kriya. Mr. Patel & Mr. Bhatia of Vaishno Devi Temple were very active in organizing all these.