October 3, Khalaspur. There were celebration all around in Khalaspur village as Maharaj Ji was visiting the village ashram after very long time along with all the ashramites from Malke. Thousands of devotees joined the celebration from all over Punjab. On the eve of the main celebration Maharaj Ji conducted the Agni Kriya and sanctified the Kutia as well as the Devotees gathered there. The whole atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and happiness with the blessing of Maharaj Ji. Many devotees from Kila Raipur, Mattewara, Sihala presented devotional songs to prepare the basis. Then Swami Suraj Puri Ji, Sadhwi Yoganjali Chaitanya and Swami Suryendu Puri inspired the gathering to delve deeper on the path within. Further Maharaj Ji explained in detail the sceince and process of Initation (Deeksha) and the role of Guru Mantra. He defined the Mantra as a seed which is sowed in the soil of the initiate’s heart. The it is duty of the desciple to provide water and nourishment in the form of regular practice and also keep it free from weeds by bringing purity in behavior too. Regular contact and supervision of the Guru is essential for this purification and overall advancement on the path. After the satsang local devotees had organized for Langar which continued till late in night as people kept on visiting the Ashram to get blessings from Maharaj Ji untill late in the night.