16th Sept, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: At the beginning of every month as per the Indian Calendar, Maharaj Ji travels to Kila Raipur Ashram. In a gathering of local devotees, Maharaj Ji goes on sowing the seeds for further spiritual evolution. This time the seeds were sown in the following way:

  • (In India) it is a general belief that the beginning of the month should be announced by a saint, so that the entire month goes well. The meaning of the month going well is that we may go on doing positive actions throughout the month. Through satsanga, we are to make ourselves understand the importance of the human birth. Our journey has been going on from billions of years. We have been plants, animals and after a lot of time we have got this human body. We should ask ourselves what have we learnt. Have we evolved from our animal instincts? There are schools and colleges to teach us about how to become something in the world and earn our livelihood and comforts. But where does one get the knowledge that leads to ultimate bliss? That knowledge is attained in satsanga.
  •   And how much satsanga do we do? Yes, we would say, we come here every month. But what is the motivation with which we come? That the saints should give their blessings; that we may gain more prosperity in life? That our troubles may cease? That we may win a case in the court? That we may gain success in our business? Do we come to satsanga so that my heart be purified? Do we come to satsanga that my bad habits may be removed and my mind becomes peaceful? Do we come to satsanga so that we may learn how to truly serve? Do we come so that our habit of deprecating others changes? But sometimes, our coming to satsanga only fuels our negative tendencies. Even after coming here, we begin to criticize others. To talk bad of others behind their backs is a prime of means of filling ourselves with utter weakness and filth. To talk bad of others on their face becomes the means of piling around ourselves, the waste that we have gathered within us.
  • A child, seeing an airplane flying in the sky wants to become a pilot. Some other child would want to become a doctor. Then they grow up. Only few people manage to become doctors or pilots. What happened to others? A child knows only to wish, to want, to dream. But he cannot discern where he is standing. As he grows he comes to know that his potential is limited, or must be channeled in some other direction. If he goes on trying, he may even succeed in what he wanted.
  • But the inner path is more treacherous. Many people hear about saints and the brahmjnanis. They are also inspired to become like them. They start practicing. After this two things mainly happen. Many, after practicing a little, think they have arrived at the destination. Others, not getting the required results, grow disheartened and leave the practice. A third thing happens only very rarely: the path is deeper than where I stand. I need to move further. On the inner path it is very easy to trick oneself. In the Gurbani it is said, “kottan mein koe ram bhajan ko paave”. The Upanishads are very clear about this. One who says, I have known has certainly not known, and one who says that I have not known, has also not known.
  • Unless, one experiences Samadhi, he cannot know what it is, though he may read and think a lot about it. Similarly about God! This is such a big word, and we take it so casually. We think we have known him, but simultaneously go on suffering terribly in the mind and the body. But we have our excuses ready, saying that this all because of my karma; even great saints had to suffer etc
  • So, where are we going wrong? We must understand through hard work, by taking help from the Guru, where we stand right now. But, if we merely come to imagine ourselves what we are not, then we will make the above errors. When we come to ashrams then at least we should come to purify ourselves; and not end up increasing our negativity, that we really want to get rid of.
  • It is important for those who come to the ashrams, if they really wish that the inner door should open, that they engage themselves in seva. Just as one serves the property that he considers his home, similarly, consider the ashram the home of the Guru and see how you may serve. With such an attitude,  the piece of land broomed outside, becomes a means to cleanse the inner dirt also. Seek and ask where you could involve yourself. If you cannot find time to serve, then also understand that the inner path would also not open.
  • Thus, one must understand where one stands at present, and then through steps of seva-sumiran go on walking. In this way he would be saved of both the pitfalls and know really what is meant by inner journey and attainment.