Toning up the bodies in a funful way

1-5 September. Swami Suryendu Puri Ji visited Lucknow to conduct a  5 day  program, on the platform of Ganesh Pujan Samaroh which had sessions on Sanjivani  and other Sukshma kriyas in the morning, and Agni Kriya in the evenings. Though  slow to start with, the numbers gradually increased as the days went by and  apart from one evening when it rained the programs were gladly welcomed by the  participants. It was interesting to learn that most of the people are aware of the yoga these days and practicing many asana and pranayama yet ironically they are still not aware of the basic principles of breathing, sitting and standing. As a result they don’t get rid of sickness and illness at physical or mental levels. the main focus of this camp was to make people aware of these basics of a healthy life.