8-10 October. This year devotees of Indore organized a Surya Kriya camp which was greatly appreciated by the masses. They also organized Agni Kriya one evening and spiritual gatherings at different places. This 3-days long camp saw many miraculous experiences. A lady who was unable to walk due to severe pains restored her health just in 3 days. Another lady who was having stomach trouble for many weeks was cured just in one day. An old man who was unable to sleep properly for many years and was regularly taking sleeping pills regained sound sleep just in 2 days. A gentle man shared his experience from last camp 3 years back that he was due to be operated for catarect but after Surya Kriya his sight improved to such an extent in 2 weeks that doctor advised him to wait and watch and now he is able to do all the work easily including reading without any trouble.

In addition seminars were arranged in various places. Daily Newspaper Dabang Dunia supported the program and organized a seminar at thier office. Swami Ji visited Emrald Heights school and discussed issues such as Anger Management, Relationship Management and Memory management for students and staff. While at Queens College Swami Ji discussed basic health principles such as correct postures of standing and sitting, proper breathing. He also shared effective study techniques and memory enhancement tips there.

Emrald Heights School Indore

Queens College for Women Indore