Malke Ashram Monthly Satsang


July 26, 2015, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram: (Listen to audio or Download right click & save) Just days prior to the Guru Purnima, Swami Suryendu Puri Ji gave, as always, a deeply inspiring and love-imbued speech. He stressed among many things, three main points for those who are wishful of walking the inner path:

1) An aspirant is he who does not consider himself to be only a physical being; but understands that his real self is much more. Similarly, he does not limit the personality of the Guru to the guru’s physical body, but knows the Guru to be all-pervading, both within and without.

2) The way to connect to God (whom we cannot see) is to connect to the Guru (whom we can see and relate to). The path to connect to the Guru is through selfless service, surrendering one’s “I” to the command of the Guru. Without this one important step, no amount of spiritual study or practice can really open the inner path. Rather, all efforts if devoid of this central principle, only strengthen the ego.

3) The test of fulfilling the first two points is – love for satsangis as well; knowing the sangat to be inseparable from and a part of the Guru.

You are invited to pursue the linked audio file, to hear, among many other things, further elaboration of these three points that Swamiji discussed in his inimitable style.