1July 16, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: In this Saavan Sankranti Sabha Swami Ji and Sadhvi Ji discussed the importance of Guru-Mantra and why we are unable to practice it.

Sadhviji’s Discourse:

2We are very regular in satsangs, love our Guru and know that the real purpose of life is to realise our true selves. But do we really know the importance of Guru-mantra in achieving that ultimate goal? If we do then why aren’t we able to practice it regularly and earnestly? An addict when needs to buy alcohol doesn’t stop on his way to buy other things that look interesting. In fact, he doesn’t even notice the other shops which are not selling alcohol. This is because he loves alcohol. For him, his life depends on alcohol. Similarly, a true devotee doesn’t get distracted form his ultimate goal due to worldly attractions and commitments because his goal is to be one with his true divine self and he knows that practicing Guru-mantra with complete devotion is his key to achieve that goal. So for him Guru-mantra is his life. We also know that Guru-mantra can take us to the ultimate realisation of our true selves but still we are unable to practice it with that zeal. Why? Because our mind is not able to stay focused in the Guru-mantra and wanders to worldly thoughts. So instead of practicing more and more, we just stop any efforts we were making since we think that practicing Guru-mantra, but not being able to concentrate on it, is of no use.

A lot of times we just don’t feel like going to a party or making dinner but still we do what needs to be done. A kid doesn’t want to go to school but still his parents send him to school because they know it is important for him to learn and evolve. Then why do we stop practicing Guru-mantra only because we just don’t feel like it? This is because realising and being one with our true selves is not our goal. Our goal is to achieve whatever the world has to offer. Our senses run outwards, away from our true inner selves, due to which our mind runs to the glittery world instead of practicing Guru-mantra. But, like continuous flow of water can make its way through a stone, continuous practice of Guru-mantra can make the mind pure if we really make, our true goal to be one with our true selves. Gradually our mind will stop running into the world. Our mind will be able to stay focused and devote to Guru-mantra. This regular practice of Guru-mantra will open the inner paths to our ultimate goal.

Swamiji’s Discourse:

3The people who are devoted to a Guru know that the real purpose of this human life is to be one with our divine source, God. But still the same people who know this are actually working to achieve what the world has to offer. This gives rise to a very important question that why are we running after the world if we know that the purpose of our life is to get over this world and realise our true selves? Or why do we lack that zeal or enthusiasm when it comes to working in the direction of our true purpose? It is because God cannot be seen like other physical bodies and the world which can be seen is too mesmerising to be left behind. We love it too much.  It is so glittery and entertaining that it becomes next to impossible to get over it. It’s like a drug addict who knows that drugs are not good for him but still is unable to stop because he just can’t imagine his life without it. He is too involved in it to leave. It gives him momentary satisfaction. Similarly, we are unable to get over this world because it gives us momentary satisfaction.

But the real problem is not that we are unable to get over this glittery world, the problem is that we know that the purpose of life is to realise our true selves and still we are running in the opposite direction towards the world. This creates a conflict in our mind. We feel that what we are doing is not the right thing. This constant realisation of doing something wrong makes the mind weak. So much weak that after some time our mind is unable to think right at all. We want to do certain things but we can’t. We need a life where our mind and body are completely in our control and the steps we take to achieve it what spirituality is all about. It is to realise our true potential. For that we have to restrain our senses which are tangled in worldly matters to stop the outward rush of prana and open the inner paths by practicing Guru-mantra, which will guide the prana towards the tenth door (Dasham Dwar). If we are able to leave this body through the tenth door then we don’t have to come back as another body, all limitations of this body will disappear and we can break the cycle of birth and death.