August 25, Malke Ashram.  The day was sunny bright and night was illumined by the moonlight as this was Purnima (full moon) of Bhado (6th month of Indian Lunar Calendar).  This is a very special day for most of the Indians, when they celebrate Raksha Bandhan.  A festival when ladies tie a thread on the wrist of their brother or the saviour.  Apparently, this thread has two meaning.  When it is tied to brother it conveys the love and wishes while to a saviour it is a prayer for shelter.  Lucky few are those who get to tie a love loaded thread on the wrist of their Master.  Preeti from Jalandhar was visiting the ashram for the same purpose while for Rakesh & Upasana, destiny had chosen this day for visiting ashram. 

Anyhow, they all were blessed by Maharaj Ji.  And those who sent their love by snail mail or email or the phone or even those who conveyed their prayers through inner channels were all blessed. In the Udaan class in canada, children were educated about this festival and they were also taught to make their own Rakhi. It was so much fun that their mothers too got involved and helped the children to decorate the thread of love and well-wishes.