14 January, Kila Raipur. Makar Sankranti of Magh (hindu-calendar) month is considered to be very auspicious among most of the Indians. Millions of devotees take early bath in the cold water of holy rivers and visit temples, ashrams to not only pay their obeisance to the holy people but also take guidance from them and make a new beginning on the spiritual path. The northward shift of Sun which is considered very effective and helpful in travelling the inner path is started with the start of Pausha (end of December) month itself but Sun gets its glory gradually. By this day, the Sun gains significant shine and it becomes easy for everyone to assimilate the life-giving sunlight.

This year, Maharaj Ji paid a visit to Kila Raipur ashram on this auspicious day while travelling to Jatana where a grand satsang was scheduled. Shri Maharaj Ji gave some handy tips to the gathered devotees for intensifying the inner growth. The full lecture can be listened here (audio link). In short, He suggested that,

  • We should set a daily routine for meditation and one sitting should last at least 30-45 minutes.
  • The time should be chosen when we can avoid all the external distractions such as phone etc.
  • The scheduled meditation must be done in sitting posture unless we are totally bed-ridden.
  • As long we are sitting in meditation, eyes should be closed or even covered with a piece of clothe.
  • We should neither pay any attention to phone-calls or visits during meditation nor enquire about them afterwards.
  • And, at the time of waking up and before going to bed also, we ┬ámust meditate even if it is for few minutes.