Maharaj Ji and Sadhvi Ji inspiring the devotees of Abbotsford and nearby towns

20 June, Abbotsford. Sunday morning the temple was full of devotees as Maharaj Ji was going to visit the temple along with Sadhvi Ji to meet and bless everyone there. It was all due to love and concern of Deepak Sharma Ji that Maharaj Ji had agreed to alter his otherwise strict schedule. First Sadhvi Ji inquired of all the devotees if they visit the temple seeking salvation or to fulfill their petty desires and then told them that until unless we desire the God himself, eternal joy cannot be attained. One should perform all his worldly duties carefully and reseponsibly but at the same time the Goal of Life should be never less than the Almighty himself. Later Maharaj Ji also told to them that all these temples and satsang and the scriptures are meant to guide an aspirant on the inner path. Until we dive deep inside we can never fly high in the spiritual sky. Moreover, this whole world and all the worldly beings are essentially divine in nature. So by recognizing him inside our own body we will be easily able to find him in all other bodies too.