Maharaj Ji uncovering the idol of Baba Balaknath Ji

13 June, Bramton. It was an auspicious day when Maharaj Ji uncovered the idol of Baba Balaknath at Bharat Mata Mandir in Bramton. Hundreds of devotees were present there to witness the holy event. Accompanied by Swami Divyananda Ji and the president to temple Jeff Lal and Neelam Tony Vashisht, Maharaj Ji inaugrated the idols and then blessed the crowd.

Maharaj Ji giving discourse

Maharaj Ji said to the devotees later in his discourse that the idol is merely a stone unless untill we establish our faith and trust into it. The love and affection we show to it comes back to us as a blessing but in manifold. Moreover it is not an event but a process to establish the deity in the idol. There was a very nice arrangement of langar after the celebration.