The Holy Dip - Ujjain KumbhMay 6, 2016, Ujjain: It has turned out to be an unprecedented boon for all devotees who have been able to make it to the Kumbh to enjoy and partake of Maharaj Ji’s presence here. Here, it seems that the old days have returned once more, days prior the temple’s inauguration and Maharaj Ji’s consequent stay in the Himalayas. Once more, we can hear Maharaj Ji’s discourses, ask him questions directly, peep into his eyes and smile back in response to his loving smile.

Maharaj Ji arrived at Ujjain on April 21, via Indore. The routine of practice and study was started immediately by him, even though the last arrangements for a decent stay here were being made at the camp. Surya and Sanjivani Kriyas started in the early mornings, and are continuing regularly ever since then. Maharaj Ji has since then also gone once over the Ishavasya Upanishad – the essential message of which has been to keep seva and simran on an equal footing for real spiritual growth. Maharaj Ji’s presence has also brought opportunity for some devoted practitioners to practices Swara Sadhana with him daily in the afternoon. Agni Kriya too has gotten underway in the evenings.

Every once in a while, Maharaj Ji has been going to meet the sadhus. This child asked him on the first day, the purpose of his visit to the sadhus. He replied smilingly, “We share a brotherhood with them too, as with everyone else.” And indeed, observing the love, humility, patience and eagerness with which Maharaj Ji greets them, truly shows how well he associates with them. He visits all kinds of sadhus, sits with them, and inquires about their sadhana, being always open to anything new that could come his way, which he could use into his own practice as well.

A storm hit Ujjain yesterday evening. The system got disrupted. As these lines are being written, government agencies, volunteers, sevak-sanghas etc. all are making efforts to get the system back on track. The sun is shinning and the Ujjain Kumbh is on, once more!

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