6 Swami Buddh Puri Ji in Bharat Mata Mandir Canada

21 June to 14 July 2013, Canada. There is a famous saying “Change is the only constant” and fortunately, some changes are actually good. For many years devotees, who had migrated to other countries, had been requesting Maharaj Ji to pay them a visit but it was arranged only after a comprehensive system for health and happiness was developed in form of Shakti-Kriya-Yoga practices viz. Surya Kriya, Sanjivani Kriya, Agni Kriya etc. The reason was simple, Maharaj Ji says preaching is incomplete without practice. As we can see it clearly, despite supreme spiritual heritage and religious exposure many people in India have become so badly corrupt and iniquitous. In Maharaj Ji’s words, “Humans are intellectual being but apart from intellect they have a physical, a mental and an emotional aspect too. Any idea would not transform their life unless it infiltrates all these levels.”

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Study in ancient times meant listen, ponder, and practice (श्रवण-मनन-निदिध्‍यासन) in contrast to present popular practice of reading and preaching. This sort of study separate humans from all other animals and allow them to evolve increasingly. In last few years, thousands of people have experienced that Shakti-Kriya-Yoga doesn’t change just their brain but their heart and the whole body.

2 Surya Kriya in Canada

This summer, soon after UK, a visit was made to Canada as scheduled earlier. This year there was not enough sun but whenever it was possible, Surya Kriya was practiced. Sanjivani Kriya and 5-Rites were practiced regularly and satsang was organized almost every evening.

3 Sanjivani Kriya in Canada

Like every year, Melissa Johnes organized session for local people who are interested in spirituality and ancient teachings. The weather didn’t allowed any practical session but many important discussions took place for betterment of life. The focus of all these discussions was to live a happy, healthy and purposeful harmonious life.

4 Swami Suryendu Puri in Canada

This year in Canada, Maharaj Ji focused on this practical aspect of spirituality. Hereby we summarize main points of his teaching-

  1. God is all-pervading but the nearest access we may have to reach him, is inside our body. We must find some time to close our eyes and look inside.
  2. Our old deeds (karma) decided the body, the family, the place and time we were born in but having this all provided we have a free will to choose our future course of life, which will make our future.
  3. Divine law decides birth and death not anything or anyone else; our karmas can only help in making it meaningful.
  4. Death is not a curse, it is rather an advantage given to those who ceased to evolve. They are thus given a new body to restart their journey towards ultimate happiness.
  5. Food, sleep, and all the worldly pleasures are but a means to recognize the grace of God and move towards him. If we give more priority to means and ignore the main purpose, we will be doomed.
  6. Sensory pleasures delight us only momentarily when the struggle for its attainment is halted and consciousness turns inwards otherwise why would we become weak and restless as we have more exposure to them. The real enjoyment is in going inside and connecting with the ultimate source of power.
  7. Once cannot change the circumstances but himself and if that is done wisely then success is inevitable. As an intelligent player cannot change the cards in hands of others but he can still win by playing wisely with simple cards in his hands.

5 Agni Kriya Yog in Canada

Agni Kriya was also organized a couple of time during approx this 3 weeks stay in Canada.