023June 28, Malke. It has been more than a decade that on the last Sunday of every month, a grand satsang is being organized at Malke Ashram. This month Swami Ji and Sadhvi Ji were away to Canada while Maharaj Ji is already in Himalaya. However, Swami Ji made a visit to the Himalaya and captured the abode of Sri Maharaj Ji there and also recorded his message for the devotees back in Punjab. For the last Sunday satsang, these video clips were played through a projector. This interview in the Hindi language can be viewed here…

Swami Ji asked two questions to Sri Maharaj Ji, which are being translated here in brief:

Q 1. Why did you decide to retire to the Himalaya leaving the ashram and all the devotees?
Ans: It’s not a personal decision or choice but a divine plan. This life is dedicated to the sole purpose of manifesting the supreme consciousness at the gross most level of the physical plane. This body is just serving as a channel for this purpose. Living amongst people causes exchange of energy and emotion and things like that, which doesn’t let individual consciousness to be united completely (at not just intellectual or mental level but also at the physical level) with the supreme and allow its descent at the physical level through the individual body. Therefore, it was felt necessary to stay in total seclusion for some time. It is just a phase in between. A time may come when this body can live anywhere and everywhere without being affected by the atmosphere. Moreover, it is not the matter of individual salvation anymore. This sadhna is rather for the evolution of the humankind. Malke ashram was started with the basic teachings as in primary school. Over the period of time, it has reached to highly advanced level. Now the course and the teachers for the college standard are already there to serve the aspirants, however, a lot more research is still needed and therefore, we extend it further in the mountains.

Q 2. Any message for the devotees who love you and are dying to have a glimpse of your physical appearance down there?
Ans: Well, love knows no limits. Those who love the divine through this body would always remain connected. Whatever is being done there that will affect the whole world, however, those who are already connected with this body would have a direct and strong effect. All they need to do is have faith and keep their mind clear about the ultimate goal. As they have loved divine in this body, they should recognize that in other guides, devotees and co-practitioners too.