Last Sunday Sabha august 2015Aug 30, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Mallke: The discourse by Swami Suryendu Puri Ji (primarily in Punjabi/Hindi) for the Monthly Satsanga Sabha, August 2015 can be heard here (Listen to Audio or Download right click & download).  Good news for English readers/listeners: As the audience had some friends from abroad, Swamiji summarized the essential points of his discourse in English as well, towards the end.

Swami Suryendu Puri JiIn this discourse, Swamiji sheds light on three questions put by aspirants. Two questions relate to obstacles that practitioners encounter in mediation: fear of oblivion and buzzing of thoughts. Another question talks about the principles of idol worship and how to really relate to the Divine.

Swamiji summarized the answer he gave, as follows:

  1. Before we do anything on this path, it should be clear that the Divine is not an entity that can be put into any boundaries – of whatever kind that our minds can conceive. The devotees should also understand that the Supreme is not our servant, who will do as we ask of him through our limited prayers – this because most of us relate to God only for having our needs fulfilled by Him, in effect making Him a “servant” of sorts.
  2. Once, this principle is clear, one should understand that “I” too am a part and parcel of the Divine.
  3. Sadhana begins only after these two principles take a firm root in our being. The next step then involves the search for someone, in whom these principles are abundantly manifest. Such an entity is called guru – the dispeller of our darkness/ignorance. Once the aspirant is convinced that he is at the right place, in the right hands, then he ought to  just surrender. Not renounce, but surrender! And whatever follows hereafter, is all good.
  4. The Guru imparts the technique; also may give a glimpse of the inner worlds. Through the glimpse, one’s zeal to walk this path is enhanced.
  5. Walking and practicing, a stage does come when the tenth door is pierced and our limited consciousness merges/connects with the Universal Divine Consciousness.

The Hindi/Punjabi listeners should pursue the link to the audio file on this page, to hear the elaboration of these principles in Swamiji’s eloquent manner.